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New Blog Alert, LettersbyRenee, and it’s all green flags!

My goodness, in-my-head you are already amazing, because you are reading this, because I’m biased to my readers.

Hi there! My name is Reenita (or Renee; it’s simpler to remember per se), and this is literally the first post on my first-ever blog website LettersbyRenee. Now you may be thinking why-on-earth-should-I-read-this-blog. That’s a valid question, because tbh I too had a very similar thought, why-on-earth-should-you-read-this-blog in this world of abundant creativity and blogs that already exist with wonderful guides and tips from more wonderful people (which I also read btw).👇

In a simple sentence, my blog is more about the experiences and less about the fancy photographs, more about the troubles I had to endure to come out stronger and less about the success parties. I believe that every individual deserves to live their best life, and that's why I have created this platform where I can be me and you can be you, without feeling like you are missing out on life just because you couldn’t take that #solotrip (yet) or don’t have a bunch friends who look like supermodels (just saying). 🤌

Harsh truth: Getting strength from the fact that even if no one reads my blog, I will still have this place to spend some time with myself and write about stuff that someday might come in use for someone headed towards the wild wild west. However… It would be really nice if you continue reading and stick with me, just give me company, be my pen-friend, or insta follow-ing/er, basically build a positive connection in some way. 🫶

Okay, spoiler alert!!! Read further only if you are interested in visiting LettersbyRenee again.

LettersbyRenee is divided into 3 categories. Food | Travel | Care


As is obvious, it's all about the food that I have tried, sharing my reviews and experiences about it. Whether it's exploring the street food scene in different cities or experimenting with my own left-over dishes, I love the way that food has the power to bring people together. Beware! Taste is subjective. So I would love it for you to try them yourself and unlock another experience level. #bhooklagikhanado

homemade breakfast spread with roast chicken and salads
Food tasting behind the scenes


One of the most searched-for topics on Google, and is always my favourite day-dreaming reason. I have travelled to over 16 countries so far, most of them solo, but who’s counting? To me, travelling is not just about visiting new places, but experiencing new cultures, immersing yourself in trying new things, gaining a new perspective on life, and learning as much as you can to make the most out of your travels. #paisawasool

bag wearing a cap and glasses and a forest trail
Travel blogger on the go

Last but not least, Care

The most important yet easily neglected part of human life. Taking care of ourselves, both physically and mentally (read emotionally), is precious for our well-being. In today’s Instagram-worthy world, everything is filtered, even our smiles and laughter. But why is it so difficult to share our troubles and shortcomings? Is it because we are afraid to be judged? It’s high time that you be honest with yourself and take more control of where you invest your time and energy. #thinkaboutit

lettersbyrenee playing with a dog and enjoying relaxing sunshine by poolside
#metime is so underrated

That’s it! Introduction and all done. Now, the conclusion part.

Basically, when I started this blog post, I was given a lot of advice from my advisors, but I followed none. I thought let’s do it my way for once, for the sake of authenticity. Moreover, I honestly couldn’t think of anything to write in the typical-blog-world ‘What makes you different’, ‘How can you inspire others’, ‘Do this do that’ format, because I am as human as you are. Being different comes from my way of thinking out of the box, my attitude towards challenges, my ability to balance work and life, blah blah blah.

LettersbyRenee is meant to give you that push, that ability, to take that chance yourself, to feel connected to possibilities, and make a way to your own happy place. Until then, stay around.




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Sampurna Sharma
Sampurna Sharma

Well written blog intro..waiting for your upcoming blogs!!

fountain trevi in rome, italy

Hi, thanks for stopping by!

I started this blog as a hobby but then things got serious. I am as normal a person like you, eat-sleep-repeat. But what makes me different is my love for changes and challenges; they help me grow! 

I'm really glad that you are here and I hope you enjoy reading my letters. Pick a topic and find a letter that speaks to you...

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