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Technical Writing / User Guides

Project: Simplifying Fund Transfer Method with Comprehensive FAQs

As a content and communications manager at CoinDCX, I was also involved in technical writing, wherein I undertook a remarkable challenge—making a complex fund transfer process seamless and understandable for our users. 

Challenge: The fund transfer method through certain payment modes on CoinDCX app involved steps which could be a little tricky for newly onboarded users to keep up with. In collaboration with the payments team, and product team, I had to come up with a set of FAQs that acted as a guiding light for our users. 

Approach: It’s obvious that the complexity of financial transactions often leads to confusion, thus my task was to transform that complexity into clarity. I started by breaking down the whole process into four key steps: adding funds to the CoinDCX wallet, adding CoinDCX as a Payee/Beneficiary, transferring funds from the bank to CoinDCX, and completing the deposit process within the CoinDCX app.

With meticulous attention to detail, each FAQ was crafted to provide step-by-step instructions, ensuring users could follow the process with ease. I focused on clear and concise language and in-app image references, making even the most intricate steps accessible.

Result: The FAQs not only substantially reduced customer support tickets, but they also empowered our users to navigate the fund transfer process independently. The impact was two-fold: an enhanced user experience and a more efficient support system.

The first section where I explain the steps to add funds to app wallet

The second section where I explain the steps to add CoinDCX as a beneficiary on user's preferred bank app

The last two sections explaining the steps to transfer funds from user's bank app, and then complete the process on CoinDCX app

Note: This is one of the few FAQs showing the example of Axis Bank, for reference purpose only.

You can click here to access the complete FAQ guide, for reference if needed.

This project stands as a testament to my technical writing skills, the ability to simplify complexity, and the commitment to improving user experiences. It's a demonstration of my capacity to bridge the gap between intricate processes and user-friendly documentation.


Project: FAQ and Product App/Website Support Content (CoinDCX)

Overview: The platform experienced an influx of support queries related to common issues. Product team needed a comprehensive FAQ section on the app and website to address these inquiries efficiently. 

Requirement: Create an easy-to-navigate informative guide, incorporating detailed step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting tips, and FAQs, making the content accessible to users of all technical backgrounds.

Role: I curated, organised, and wrote the FAQ section, prioritising the most frequently asked questions and creating easy-to-follow answers. The aim was to empower users to self-solve issues and reduce the support team's workload.


  • Content for App and Website has to be different as per the platform’s UI

  • Content will vary as per respective features availability on the platform (App/Web)

  • Staying up-to-date with latest feature updates to revise content accordingly 

Results: The FAQ section contributed to a 25% increase in user engagement and a 40% reduction in customer support tickets volume, enhancing the overall user experience on both app and website.

Following is a live example of the FAQ section for the same topic on both app and website.

App FAQ flow : Help Center > Account Functions > Update your Profile > Response screen

Web FAQ flow : Help Center > Account Management > Update Profile Details > Response screen

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