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In-App Messaging / Empty States

Empty States

IMO, empty states play an important role in enhancing the user experience. They can be utilised as an engaging way to introduce what the product does, and give them a prompt regarding what to do next.

Few examples of the empty state screens for CoinDCX App where users were given the required information and a prompt to try the feature.

Error Screens

As a writer, I consider error messages as an opportunity to show the product’s capability and quirkiness to handle an unexpected situation and guide users back on track.

Project: CoinDCX App Error Screen Messaging

Requirement: To build content for several screens on the app that may project an error screen due to different reasons and scenarios. 

Approach: Since the concerned product is an investment app that deals with finances, it is important to note that even minor errors can be alarming to the users. So it’s necessary for the writer to generate content that is direct yet informative without any unnecessary frills or drama.

Few examples of the error screens

My Pet Project: 404 Error Page

For my personal lifestyle blog website, I created an error page for any missing or broken content. Because it’s my own website and I get to choose my own voice/tone, here’s what I created.


I want my visitors to enjoy the experience of exploring the app/web, using interactive and playful language to communicate information. This makes it simple to understand that there’s an error, while giving them direction as to where to go next.

Because it’s a website related to travelling, food and exploration, I used a blurred photograph of a city that’s unrecognisable to illustrate the point.

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