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Creative Writing / MarComm

Project: Website Content Design for CoinDCX Web3 Event

As a web content copywriter, I had the privilege of working along with the marketing team and UX designers at CoinDCX on an exciting project that encompassed web content for the event website, a brochure for sponspors, a video script, and various marketing communications. This project was all about connecting with a tech-savvy audience and conveying the innovation and excitement surrounding the Web3 community and providing them a platform to collaborate together.

Unfold'23 Website Copy

Thought process: In crafting the content for the Unfold'23 Event website, my approach was guided by the need to bridge innovation and excitement within the Web3 community. Collaborating closely with the marketing team and UX designers, I ensured that the content aligned with the event's theme, resonated with a tech-savvy audience, and struck the right tone that speaks to Gen Z and Millennials.

Click here to get the full experience of the website.

Result: Working in tandem with the designers and marketing team was essential to achieve a cohesive experience. We meticulously integrated the content with key visuals and themes to create a harmonious blend that not only informed but also engaged the audience. The result was a website that seamlessly conveyed the event's essence while providing an interactive platform for collaboration and exploration within the audience.

Unfold'23 Sponsorship Brochure

Content approach: The brochure served as a vital touchpoint for sponsors, and it was crucial to maintain the event's brand voice and theme throughout the content. My primary objective was to craft content that not only informed but also inspired potential sponsors, while maintaining a sync between the event website and video content.

Unfold 2023 Brochure
Download PDF • 5.18MB

The result was a brochure that not only portrayed the event's significance but also provided a compelling invitation for sponsors to become an integral part of the Web3 movement. Every section of the brochure was carefully structured to guide sponsors through the event's offerings and the benefits of participation, ensuring a cohesive and persuasive narrative.

The Cool Part: Unfold'23 Video Trailor

Thought process: Collaborating closely with the dynamic marketing team and creative visionaries, my mission was to create a script that didn't just narrate but rather roared the event's core message. This wasn't just about words; it was about orchestrating an experience that echoed the spirit of innovation and adventure that defines the Web3 community.

The result? A video script that didn't just engage; it enthralled. It was a cinematic journey that condensed the boundless potential of Web3 into a visually stunning, heart-pounding narrative, leaving viewers not just inspired, but on the edge of their seats, eager to dive into the future of the internet.

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