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Chatbot / Conversational UI

Project: Virtual Assistant for Customer Support aka ‘CoinDCX Buddy’ 

As much as we love new users signing up on our beloved crypto exchange platform CoinDCX, we certainly don’t want them to be wandering around the app or website not knowing what to do next.

Challenge: The product team sought to streamline the customer support by introducing a chatbot to handle routine inquiries and provide quick solutions.

Role: Working in collaboration with the product designer, PM, and engineering leads, I was responsible for shaping the chatbot's conversational flow and content to ensure it effectively addressed common customer queries while maintaining a friendly and human-like tone (reference images below).

I especially applied the thought process of a new user trying to use the product with only the basic knowledge of how it should work. My aim was to create content that would feel like a user-friendly tour guide; the flow of categories, the selection of topics, the prompts to check related questions, and the option to reach out to customer support executives in the case that their issue was not resolved. 

I wanted the users to consider the chatbot as that helpful assistant who knows the ins and outs of the platform and can guide them to where they want to go. By designing clear and engaging chatbot content, it was my responsibility to make it easier for users to find what they need, answer questions, and explore the app/website with confidence.

Results: The chatbot reduced customer service response times by over 40%, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and a notable decrease in support ticket volume.

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