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A Day In My Work Life

Imagine… You have got the product ready, you have the designers and marketing team all set, but how do you convey to your audience how the product looks and feels? Well, that’s where writers like me jump in to help. 

Good Morning! Where’s my mocha?

My usual day starts with a prep up with my team (usually cross-functional), getting a download of all my tasks, which varies from technical write-ups to UX copies to marketing communications.

As a MarComm copywriter, I partner with product managers and the digital marketing team to create compelling messages that drive successful campaigns.

From in-app banners to campaign comms, I enjoy the scope of creativity here.

Unlike my previous role, I can’t work alone to get my job done as an UX writer. I work very closely with designers to ensure I’m creating a clear and concise user experience across digital products.

Let’s take the following example. The designer has made sure the blue buttons on the screen stand out and are clickable, whereas my job is to make sure you know what’s going to happen if you click them.

While most of my day is probably spent writing words, the most important time actually spent is the collaboration with other teams to understand my work requirement.

I work with a team of project managers, researchers, data scientists, designers and developers. And we all share the same spirit of ownership. We all work together from the beginning of a project, figuring out how to solve user problems, like getting more people to sign up for the app or reducing the number of customer support tickets.

It all depends on the collaborative team effort.

Apart from all these, as a technical writer, I not only have to collaborate with multiple stakeholders and coworkers from various departments, but I also have to think of it on a personal level, like method acting. How does the product work? How can I help the users use it with ease? Is my writing simple enough to describe complicated technical processes? 

I have written copies for several how-to manuals, scripts for tutorial videos, and FAQs that’s instructional and aim to solve user problems. More on this explained in the section: Technical Writing

Time for a break!

Multi-tasking can be really challenging sometimes, so it’s necessary to take occasional breaks to stay productive. Right? Sometimes during those breaks, we surprisingly come up with some brilliant ideas from out of nowhere; and what better way to test those than A/B testing, which is a fun part of my job!

Say for example we’re trying to encourage more users to invest in a newly listed crypto token on our app called ‘Bubbles’, which I totally made up right now, we could test something like:

Original CTA: Buy Bubbles

Alternative CTA: Invest Now

Or in the case of a new payment mode launch on app where we are trying to drive on the point that the minimum amount user needs to transfer is only Rs. 100, we can use something like:

Half of our users on the app will see the original CTA, and the other half will see the new CTA. If the new CTA gets more interaction, we'll retain using it. If not, then we will probably take another short break.

Aaaand then come back again with other ways to encourage more clicks. We may fail again, but this to-and-fro brainstorming and testing helps me understand user behaviours and patterns for the good. 

Let’s call it a day.

With so much coordination and cooperation on a multi-disciplinary level, my work profile is certainly diverse, but the true essence eventually lies in the impact of the content and communications I create. 

Be it in any form, all writing roles require similar sets of skills. I look forward to continuing to create content that eliminates customer pain points, guides user behaviour, and improves user experience.

Oh no, a last minute call. Apparently, a payment system maintenance has been planned from our partner’s end, and thus a certain payment mode on the app needs to be put under downtime. I will have to rush now to create the announcement copy. Meanhwile, you can click here to read the complete annoucement and refer more more such copies that I have worked on in the past.

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