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How do you want to be remembered?

It’s a lovely hot summer day in Mumbai today. says 32 degrees Celsius, but it feels like 40 degrees already 🥵 We’re halfway through the week and I got a thought munching in my head. It actually started when I read this story about…

A young man wearing dress pants and a button-down shirt sitting on a bench while waiting for a train at a station in Atlanta, Georgia. As he struggled with his tie, an older woman encouraged her husband to help. When the elderly man hunched over and began teaching the young man how to knot the tie, a stranger took a photo of the trio. When this photo went viral online, many viewers left comments about the power of random acts of kindness.

My Thoughts

Throughout our existence, there have been countless interactions with people, events, and circumstances that have shaped who we are today. With that said, it's only natural to wonder… How would you like to be remembered?

Doesn’t matter if you are dead or alive (ouch! 🫣), still in contact with them or not. Even if you meet someone for just a while or could be your regular near and dear ones. Have you left an impact on them? Have you done anything that will make them remember you forever?

The Issue

When you think about it, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. After all, we all have our own paths, passions, and purpose in life.

We have such a busy life nowadays, with work and work-out, the internet, loads of content online, unending reels and videos that make you realize time goes by really fast when you’re hooked to your phone, and the day-to-day chores of course. 💭


Playing with dogs on beach

You gotta slow down, a little. You deserve that break where you simply just think about yourself and what you are doing. Sip some lemonade, eat a candy, and maybe just look outside at the trees, people, the sky at least.

And once you get this free space in your head, you will realize that we don’t exactly have much control over our lives. It’s so intertwined, co-adjusted and connected with others that we simply cannot take all our decisions alone without considering something or the other.

But what we do have control over is our decisions on how we live and what we do. You can be kind, strong, brave and understanding, and you need not consult someone else on taking a call on this. It’s in your control!

It doesn't have to be an extravagant display of sacrifice. Those seemingly ordinary moments when we care enough to notice the needs of others and do what we can to help are selfless when we’re motivated by kindness.

Trust me, I don’t simply party and travel all the time. I like spending time with myself because I usually don’t get that a lot, thanks to my awesome friends and family, they are a blessing to be around indeed. But whenever I can, I spend my time and efforts volunteering at orphanages, pet rescue shelters, old-age homes, and the list goes on.

You can start too, just keep an eye out for such opportunities. Believe me, there are a lot of places out there where your presence would be genuinely appreciated.

charity work

A little kindness goes a long way

I was walking by myself in Zurich Hauptbahnhof Terminus to catch my train back when someone tapped on my shoulder.

I turned around to see a young lady with a bunch of yellow roses in her hand. She extended one to me saying, “This is for you. You look really beautiful today!” I was taken aback and I said, “Excuse me! Do I know you?”

I know, I know, it sounds rude, but then you can’t help it. It comes naturally to be cautious and a little sceptical when you are travelling solo and you meet someone randomly passing you a flower in the middle of a train station.

yellow rose
Yes!! That's her in the beige coat.

She replied, “I’m Madrida, and I’m visiting Zurich for my holidays. I saw you travelling by yourself and felt like giving you a rose and wishing you a good day!” I could have cried with happiness seeing her genuine kindness. I mean it’s so rare in this world that when it happens, we feel it’s so fake. Like do you get me?!

I couldn’t help but smile, we boarded the same train, talked about our day, and then went our separate ways with this everlasting memory.

Do you feel that? Like, ummm, is-that-for-real kinda feeling? It wasn’t anything extraordinary that she did, but it was something

that indeed left an impact on me as a person, and I'll always remember her and wish her well! See, it was thaaaat easy.


In the end, there is no one right answer to how you want to be remembered. Because life is beautiful and messy and seldom goes according to plan. Won’t you agree with me on that? So the only thing that needs our attention is the present. So keep moving forward, and remember that there's always room for improvement. Keep being the best version of yourself!




PS. Has anyone shown you such random kindness? Tell me about it, and I will tell you about my story when a random stranger showed me random kindness on my first-ever solo trip.



fountain trevi in rome, italy

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